AccuMed AP110 Pulse Massager Quick Start Guide

Mini Electronic Pulse Stimulator AP110 Operating Manual 

The AP110 Mini Electronic Pulse Stimulator is a portable and battery-powered Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) unit. As a pain relief device, AP110 delivers electric pulses to tired and sore muscles. These pulses are generated by the device and delivered through the connecting wires and electrodes to the target body areas. AP110 helps relieve pain in various parts of the body, such as the lower back, shoulders, hands and feet.


1. Offers 8 operation modes. 

2. LCD display screen

3. Adjustable Speed and Intensity 

4. Accessories Included: 4 electrode pads, 2 electrode cables, 1 battery charger, 1 USB cable, and 1 wire-roller coupled with the pad-holder.

Safety Warnings

Do not use this device if you have an implanted defibrillator or implanted metallic devices. Such use could cause electrical shock, burns, electrical interference, or death.

If you have one of the following conditions, please consult with your physician before purchasing or using this device: Acute disease, malignant tumor, infective disease, pregnant, heart disease, high fever, abnormal blood pressure, lack of skin sensation or an abnormal skin condition, any condition requiring the active supervision of a physician.

Do not use this device while driving. 

Do not use this device while sleeping. 

Do not use this device in high humidity areas such as a bathroom. 

Keep the device away from moisture, high temperatures, and direct-sunlight. 

Keep this device out of reach of children. 

Stop using this device at once if you feel pain, discomfort, dizziness or nausea and consult your physician. 

Do not attempt to move the electrode pads while the device is operating. 

Do not use the device around the heart, on the head, mouth, pudendum, or blemished skin areas. 

Do not apply stimulation of this device in the following conditions: 

(1) across the chest because the introduction of electrical current into the chest may cause rhythm disturbances to the heart, which could be lethal 

(2) over painful areas. Please consult with your physician before using this device if you have painful areas

(3) over open wounds or rashes, or over swollen, red, infected, or inflamed areas or skin eruptions (e.g., phlebitis, thrombophlebitis, varicose veins). Apply stimulation only to normal, intact, clean, healthy skin

(4) in the presence of electronic monitoring equipment (e.g., cardiac monitors, ECG alarms). The electronic stimulator may not operate properly when the electrical stimulation device is in use

(5) while operating machinery, or during any activity in which electrical stimulation can put you at risk of injury

(6) on children

Be aware of the following:

 (1) consult with your physician before using this device. The simulation with the device may: i. cause lethal rhythm disturbances to the heart in susceptible individuals, and, ii. disrupt the healing process after a recent surgical procedure

(2) that the device is not effective for pain of central origin, including headaches

(3) that the device is not a substitute for pain medications and other pain management therapies

(4) that the device has no curative value

(5) that the device is a symptomatic treatment and, as such, suppresses the sensation of pain that would otherwise serve as a protective mechanism

(6) that the long-term effects of electrical stimulation are unknown

(7) that the user may experience skin irritation, burns or hypersensitivity due to the electrical stimulation or electrical conductive medium

(8) if the user has suspected or diagnosed epilepsy, the user should follow precautions recommended by his or her physician

(9) to use caution if the user has a tendency to bleed internally, such as following an injury or fracture

(10) use caution if stimulation is applied over the menstruating uterus

(11) use caution if stimulation is applied over areas of skin that lack normal sensation

(12) stop using the device if the device does not provide pain relief

(13) use this device only with the leads, electrodes, and accessories that the manufacturer recommends.

Medical Electrical Equipment needs special precautions regarding electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and needs to be installed and put into service according to the EMC information provided. Portable and mobile radio frequency (RF) communication equipment can affect Medical Electrical Equipment.


Environmental condition for transport and storage:

Easily fragile product 

Keep the product in a dry place away from water and rain. 

Product package should be recycled. 

Stacked up 4 cartons at most

Indications for Use 

To be used for temporary relief of pain associated with sore and aching muscles in the shoulder ,waist, neck, back, arm, and leg, due to strain from exercise or normal household and work activities.


-Power supply: DC 3.7V 

- Output voltage: 42V@500Ω 

- Output current: 84mA@500Ω

- Pulse width: 100µS 

- Frequency: 110Hz 

- Timer: 10-60 minutes 

- Strength level adjustment: 20 levels 

- Charger: 100-220V, 50/60Hz, and 10mA (input); DC5V, 300mA (output)


To Operate: 

1. Make sure the power switch of the device is in the OFF position. 

2. Connect a pair of electrode pads to one connecting wire by snapping them on; the other end of the connecting wire is connected to the left output of the device. Similarly, the other pair of electrode pads is connected to the remaining connecting wire and the right output of the device. 

3. Attach one pair or two pair of the electrode pads to the treatment area, such as shoulder or back. 

4. Turn on the device, and both of the left and right outputs stand by. 

5. Pressing the "+" button on the device will increase the intensity of both outputs, and pressing the "-" button will decrease the intensity of both outputs. 

6. Press the "M" button to select a desired stimulation mode. 

7. Pressing the central "►II" button will pause the device; press again to resume. 

8. Pressing the "T" button will select different countdown periods of time from 10 to 60 min. 

9. When done, turn off the device, and put away the connecting wires and electrode pads.

Note: Start from the lowest intensity, and then gradually adjust to a comfortable level on a scale from 1 to 10.

Recommended practices: 

1. Duration of 20 minutes for each body area. 

2. Frequency of 1-2 times per day per area. 

3. Be sure the treatment site is clean of dirt and body lotion. 

4. The lifespan of the electrode pads will vary depending on the use frequency and care taken. Keeping electrode pads clean and sealed in the zip bag after use will extend their lifespan. Replace the electrode pads when they lose their adhesiveness. 

5. Charge the battery of the device by either connecting the USB cable to the device and computer or connecting the USB cable and charger to the device and wall outlet, if the battery indicator on the display indicates a low battery.


If your device is not operating properly, please check below for common problems and suggested solutions:

Device does not turn on -Batteries installed Correctly?

-Are Batteries Dead?
 -Remove and Install Batteries

-Replace with New Batteries
Stimulation is weak or not existent -Are the electrode pads in close contact with the skin?

-Do the electrode pads touch each other?

-Are the wires connected to the electrode pads and the main device properly?

-Are the batteries dead?
-Remove, clean, and place back on the skin.

-If so, then separate

-Disconnect, clean, and reconnect all the parts.

-Replace the batteries.
Electrode Pads are not sticky -The pads lose adhesiveness -Contact vendor for replacements.
Skin turns red -Is treatment time too long? -Stop the treatment. If problem persists, contact your physician.

Positions for Use

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