Where Is My Model Number?

Where Is My Model Number?

The most common area to find the model number for your device is on the box that the device came with. However, if the device did not come with a box, or the box is not accessible the model number can also be found either on the pack it comes in or on the device itself.

For instance, a TENS massager, such as the AP109, AC-AP210, AP211, and AP212, blood pressure monitors such as the ABP801 and ABP802, and other devices have the model number on the box as well as on the serial number tag and is denoted as either "Mode" or "Model" number. 


This is common for most AccuMed products, however, items that do not have a physical box such as the the HCG test strips may have the model number listed as a "SKU" and can be adhered to the front of the package. 


Note: Items that do not have physical model numbers, such as the AccuMed pregnancy tests, can just have "AccuMed Pregnancy Midstream Test" entered as a valid model number as printed on the box. 



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